Canon EOS R5 RAW color profiles for Capture One


Download contains three Canon EOS R5 ICC profiles for Capture One



Three professional Canon EOS R5 ICC RAW color profiles created for Capture One. These ICC color profiles have been thoroughly tested on a large number of photos as well as RAW files from numerous different Canon EOS R5 camera bodies to ensure their uniformity. The color targets have been carefully shot to ensure there is no uneven lighting and or glare which would have a negative outcome on the color profiles. The color target have been exclusively shot with Canon RF L lenses such as the RF 100mm F2.8 Macro L and the RF 50mm F1.2 L to ensure optimal reproduction of color and tonality in the profiles. Future updates to these profiles will be free of charge if you have purchased them once.  

Watch your sunset photos come to life with the Scenic & Sunset ICC color profile. This professionally crafted color profile will give your photos a lovely look with rich color and smooth tonal gradation. The sunset colors are lively yet true to life and much improved compared to the built in camera profiles in Capture One, which suppress the color saturation so much that some hues completely disappear. This profile will be a real time saver when you are editing photos. The only edits needed, which have been applied to the sample photos, are slight levels adjustments, lifting shadows and sometimes a tweak to the white balance. The Scenic & Sunset ICC color profile will also look spectacular for images of flowers and foliage as well as most types of photography. Portraits will have warm and punchy look, yet skin tones will look natural and pleasing. The Scenic & Sunset ICC color profile renders autumn colors in lovely way giving rich color and punch to your autumn photos in a way that will be difficult to produce with the built in color profiles. 

The Faithful ICC color profile will render your photos a true to life and natural look with balanced color. It will offer a great starting point for editing most types of photos in a wide variety of settings. 

The Neutral ICC color profile offers a slightly muted color palette with a bit of added punch to the blues. It can give a slight filmlike look to your photos, although it is also great for general type of photography.

Compare all three profiles with the Capture One built in profiles in the gallery below. 

Update August 20th 2023. The Canon EOS R5 ICC profiles have been updated and improved.


Improvements to the new profiles: * Made with brand new color target: the Calibrate Colorchecker Digital SG. The large number of different color patches compared to the Calibrate Colorchecker 24 improves the accuracy and look of the ICC color profiles considerably. * A black box with anti reflective coating is used to shield the colorchecker from reflections and glare when photographing the target * Professional quality Luxli Cello LED lights with a 99 CRI are used to create certain profiles to be used for photos captured at varying color temperatures, for example the street lighting profile (2800-3000 Kelvin). General photography profiles are created outdoor in natural light

Canon EOS R5 professional ICC color profiles for Capture One

Tired of trying to get your Canon EOS R5 colors right in post production? Look no further. The professional Canon EOS R5 Capture One color profiles are finely tuned and thoroughly tested on a wide range of images for the Canon EOS R5 camera. The profiles has been fine-tuned to produce consistent and true color for the most varying and demanding photographic situations. Your Canon EOS R5 colors will be truer and richer and your RAW images will have better tonal gradations than the generic profiles in RAW editing programs.

After downloading the profiles, unzip it and install it to Capture One. Then set your white balance and you are good to go!

Download contains three ICC color profiles – the spectacular looking Canon EOS R5 Scenic Sunset profile, the Canon EOS R5 Faithful profile which renders realistic and true colors suitable for portraits, documentary and other genres of photography and the Canon EOS R5 Neutral profile, which will give your photos a slightly muted and filmlike look. 


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