Canon EOS R5 color profiles for Capture One


Download contains two Canon EOS R5 ICC profiles for Capture One: Landscape Profile and Neutral Profile


Canon EOS R5 professional ICC color profiles for Capture One

Tired of trying to get your Canon EOS R5 colors right in post production? Look no further. The professional Canon EOS R5 Capture One color profiles are finely tuned and thoroughly tested on a wide range of images for the Canon EOS R5 camera. It has been fine-tuned to produce consistent and true color for the most varying and demanding photographic situations. Your Canon EOS R5 colors will be truer and richer and your RAW images will have better tonal gradations than the generic profiles in RAW editing programs.

After downloading the profiles, unzip it and install it to Capture One. Then set your white balance and you are good to go!

Download contains two ICC color profiles – the Canon EOS R5 landscape profile for rich and fantastic looking landscape photos and the Canon EOS R5 neutral profile which renders realistic and true colors suitable for portraits and documentary photography.

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